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So what is R Voice : R Voice is a community platform that focuses on the mental health and well-being of researchers. Most importantly, it is a safe space where you can openly talk about the emotions and situations you go through on a daily basis – the stress and anxiety you experience as well as your thoughts and stories. The idea is to facilitate conversations around mental health in academia, to make the voices of researchers heard, and initiate a positive change in the global research culture. (https://mentalhealth.researcher.life/)

Why R Voice : The R Voice platform is inspired by the findings of CACTUS Foundation’s eye-opening global survey of mental health in academia in which 13,000 researchers participated and shared their thoughts about the academic culture, the pressures they face, and the kind of support they need. The survey findings made it clear that it’s really important to start conversations among researchers and about mental health in academia. (If you haven't already done so, please download the CACTUS Mental Health Survey 2020 Report from here: (https://cactusglobal.com/mental-health-survey/)

Why join :

- To start having conversations about the issues that matter to you as a researcher

- To get the support you need in your academic journey 

- To motivate others 

- To seek advice on problems you may be facing 

- To find the community you can fall back on in times of need

- To have a safe space where you can be yourself and express your thoughts freely

Who can join : Anybody – if you are a researcher/academic or take a keen interest in the academic culture and the mental health of researchers, R Voice is a great community platform for you.


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